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Genesis 1:  The History of Creation
Genesis 2:  Life in God's Garden (Genesis 2:8-25)
Genesis 3:  The Temptation and Fall of Man
Genesis 4:  Cain Murders Abel
                   The Family of Cain (Genesis 4: 16-24)
                   A New Son (Genesis 4: 25)
Genesis 5:  The Family of Adam
Genesis 6:  The Wickedness and Judgement of Man
                   Noah Pleases God (Genesis 6:9-12)
                   The Ark of Prepared (Genesis 6: 13-22)
Genesis 7:  The Great Flood
Genesis 8:  Noah's Deliverance
                   God's Covenant with Creation (Genesis 8: 20-)
Genesis 9:  Noah and His Sons (Genesis 9:18-29)
Genesis 10:  Nations Descended from Noah
Genesis 11:  The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9)
                     Shem's Descendants (Genesis 11: 10-26)
                     Terah's Descendants (Genesis 11: 27-32)
Genesis 12:  Promises to Abram
                    Abram in Egypt (Genesis 12:10-20)
Genesis 13:  Abram Inherits Canaan
Genesis 14:  Lot's Captivity and Rescue
                     Abram and Melchizedek (Genesis 14:18-24)
Genesis 15:  God's Covenant with Abram
Genesis 16:  Hagar and Ishmael
Genesis 17:  The Sign of the Covenant
Genesis 18:  The Son of Promise
                     Abraham Intercedes for Sodom (Genesis 18:16-33)
Genesis 19:  Sodom's Depravity
                     Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed (Genesis 19:12-29)
                     The Descendants of Lot (Genesis 19:30-38)
Genesis 20:  Abraham and Abimelech
Genesis 21:  Isaac is Born
                     Hagar and Ishmael Depart (Genesis 21:8-21)
                     A Covenant with Abimelech (Genesis 21:22-34)
Genesis 22:  Abraham's Faith Confirmed
                     The Family of Nahor (Genesis 22:20-24)
Genesis 23:  Sarah's Death and Burial
Genesis 24:  A Bride for Isaac
Genesis 25:  Abraham and Keturah
                     Abraham's Death and Burial (Genesis 25:7-11)
                     The Families of Ishmael and Isaac (Genesis 25:12-28)
                     Esau Sells His Birthright (Genesis 25:29-34)
Genesis 26:  Isaac and Abimelech
Genesis 27:  Isaac Blesses Jacob
                    Esau's Lost Hope (Genesis 27:30-40)
                     Iacob Escapes from Esau (Genesis 27:41-)
Genesis 28:  Esau Marries Mahalath (Genesis 28:6-9)
                     Jacob's Vow at Bethel (Genesis 28:10-22)
Genesis 29:  Jacob Meets Rachel
                     Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel (Genesis 29:15-30)
                     The Children of Jacob (Genesis 29:31-)
Genesis 30:  Jacob's Agreement with Laban (Genesis 30:25-43)
Genesis 31:  Jacob Flees from Laban
                     Laban Pursues Jacob (Genesis 31:22-42)
                     Laban's Covenant with Jacob (Genesis 31:43-55)
Genesis 32:  Esau Comes to Meet Jacob
                     Wrestling with God (Genesis 32:22-32)
Genesis 33:  Jacob and Esau Meet
                     Jacob Comes to Canaan (Genesis 33:18-20)
Genesis 34:  The Dinah Incident
Genesis 35:  Jacob's Return to Bethel
                     Death of Rachal (Genesis 35:16-22)
                     Jacob's Twelve Sons (Genesis 35:23-26)
                     Death of Isaac (Genesis 35:27-29)
Genesis 36:  The Family of Esau
                     The Chief's of Edom (Genesis 36:15-19)
                     The Sons of Seir (Genesis 36:20-30)
                     The Kings of Sodom (Genesis 36:31-39)
                     The Chiefs of Esau (Genesis 36:40-43)
Genesis 37:  Joseph Dreams of Greatness
                     Joseph Sold by His Brothers (Genesis 37:12-36)
Genesis 38:  Judah and Tamar
Genesis 39:  Joseph a Slave in Egypt
Genesis 40:  The Prisoners' Dreams
Genesis 41:  Pharaoh's Dreams
                     Joseph's Rise to Power (Genesis 41:37-57)
Genesis 42:  Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt
                     The Brothers Return to Canaan (Genesis 42:25-38)
Genesis 43:  Joseph's Brothers Return with Benjamin
Genesis 44:  Joseph's Cup
                     Judah Intercedes for Benjamin (Genesis 44:18-34)
Genesis 45:  Joseph Revealed to His Brothers
Genesis 46:  Jacob's Journey to Egypt
                     Jacob Settles in Goshen (Genesis 46:28-)
Genesis 47:  Joseph Deals with the Famine (Genesis 47:13-26)
                     Joseph's Vow to Jacob (Genesis 47:27-31)
Genesis 48:  Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons
Genesis 49:  Jacob's Last Words to His Sons
                     Jacob's Death and Burial (Genesis 49:29-)
Genesis 50:  Joseph Reassures His Brothers (Genesis 50:15-21)
                     Death of Joseph (Genesis 50:22-26)


NOTE: BIBLE GENEALOGY DIAGRAM to help you understand the kinships.


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